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Monitoring pfSense WAN Uptime with Uptime Robot

I have had a few problems with my pfSense firewalls losing their internet connection and not finding out about it until I get a panicked call or text from someone.  Nine times out of ten this is caused by the ISP

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Turning on Email Notifications in pfSense

Over the last few days I was trying to VPN into the pfSense firewall that I had setup a dual WAN on.  For some reason I wasn’t able to, but the school never sent a complaint that something was wrong

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Installing pfSense on a Q190G4

Setting up a Q190G4 to make a dedicated, powerful, and low-power pfSense firewall. Edit 10/7/2016 I was informed in the comments that this is actually a Q310G4 and Qotom keeps it listed as the older Q190G4 to keep the positive Amazon

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pfSense Dual WAN Setup

Adding a second connection to an existing pfSense install for load balancing and failover. (A work in progress.  I’ve set it up and it’s working fine, but I haven’t finished writing it up yet.) ASCII Network Diagram (Concept taken from

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