Magpul SGA Stock on Mossberg 500

I wanted a relatively cheap shotgun to use for shooting slugs and also doing some skeet, so I purchased a Big 5 model Mossberg 500 on sale for around $300.  This one came with an 18.5″ barrel and a 28″ barrel, but is one of the cheaper options that has a hollow plastic buttstock and one-piece fore end.  This makes shooting it a little uncomfortable and it has a very hollow, cheap feel to it.  I upgraded to a Magpul SGA and made some small modifications for comfort.

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DIY Brass Wet Tumbler

To save around $100, I tried to make a wet brass tumbler myself.  I might take another stab at a direct drive model in the future, but the belt drive works well enough for now.20161105_171435 Read more ›

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FTP Server Behind pfSense

Setting up a FTP server behind a pfSense firewall to allow remote backups and uploads.

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Kreg Mini DIY Jig

A much cheaper way to cut pocket holes with a Kreg Mini jig.
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Floating Nightstands with Box Miters

My sister called me and told me that their new bed had pull-out drawers built into the bottom.  To not block the drawers, she wanted some kind of nightstand that floated above them and sent me three pictures of ideas she had found:

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Custom Berretta AL-2 Titanium Charging Handle

I have an older Beretta AL-2 from the 70’s that’s a pretty nice shotgun and even with the plastic buttpad, absorbs the recoil quite well.  I picked it up in a pawn shop for around $400 with no issues other than a small nick in the fore end.  My only issue was that the original charging handle was a tiny sliver of sharp steel that you could barely get your pinkie finger on.  I was inspired by all the really cool aftermarket accessories that are out there for Benelli shotguns to get a nice, big, knobby handle.


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Home LED Lighting Nerd-Fest

20161001_213816Making an energy-efficient house as cost-effective as possible.

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Installing pfSense on a Q190G4

Setting up a Q190G4 to make a dedicated, powerful, and low-power pfSense firewall.

Edit 10/7/2016

I was informed in the comments that this is actually a Q310G4 and Qotom keeps it listed as the older Q190G4 to keep the positive Amazon rating (it worked on me!).  Here are the specs listed on this “Q190G4” page and another Q310G4 page:

Obviously, they are the same except for the link at the bottom of the “Q190G4” specs page to purchase a real Q190G4.  As far as I can tell, there isn’t a problem with getting a 310 instead of a 190, but it goes to prove you can’t always trust what it says on a vendor’s website, even if it’s on Amazon!



I am upgrading the network infrastructure for a small business and needed to replace their old firewall that was so old it had 10/100 mbit ethernet ports.  I have installed several firewalls using pfSense and use it at my house as well and never had a problem with it, so I decided to put it in here as well.  pfSense will (in my experience) run for years without needing to be touched and will allow me to VPN into the network in case I need to adjust things from off-site. Read more ›

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