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Upgrading ASUS K52F to SSD

I’ve had this old (in computer terms) ASUS K52F laptop since 2009 and although it came with Windows 7 originally, I’ve mostly been dual-booting Ubuntu for the last several years.  Windows would typically take 5-10 minutes to boot and then log in

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Adding DINSE Style Quick Disconnects to Lincoln AC-225

I was inspired by Gregory Hildstrom to do some upgrades to my Lincoln AC-225.  The first is to add some quick disconnects to the front panel.

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Adding a Tachometer to a non-LS P’up

My truck didn’t come with a tachometer and LS tachs are hard to come by.  I used this poster’s suggestion on and purchased a Hall Effect aftermarket tach from Amazon for $18.99. When it came, I wasn’t sure if the magnet

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