DIY Lanolin Pistol Case Lube

I know what you’re thinking: why would you use case lube on straight wall pistol brass?!?  It doesn’t need it and you’re just making more work for yourself!  To that I say, yes, you are correct.  However, it makes a noticeable difference in the effort needed to resize the brass if you lube it first.  Enough of a difference that I think it’s definitely worth the time to lube my cases after wet tumbling them.  If this is too much work, you can always buy Hornady One-Shot Case Lubricant or Dillon Case Lubricant but this sure feels the same and is much cheaper this way.

Two ingredients = much effort saved


Home Health Liquid Lanolin, 4 Ounce

Chemical Guys 16oz Heavy Duty Spray Bottle

99% Isopropyl Alcohol – Safeway carries this for about 1/2 the cost if you have a Safeway near you

How to Make it

Gather the needed ingredients

Measure up 10cm and fill the bottle with alcohol to this point

Measure up to 11cm and fill up to this point with liquid lanolin

Mix vigorously!

Let it settle a little

Lay your clean brass on a paper towel and spray it lightly (1-3 sprays, just looking for a light mist here) and roll the brass around before letting it dry for a few minutes.  Lastly, enjoy easier reloading!




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