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Reupholstering Jeep Cherokee XJ Sun Visors

My wife and I bought a 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ mostly for camping and road trips.  It was only $3,100 and is an automatic so she can drive it (for some reason, she doesn’t want to learn to drive a

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Replacing 1st Generation Trooper Front Wheel Bearings and Grease Seals

Now to be honest, I don’t think I needed to replace my wheel bearings.  They could probably have just been cleaned and regreased, but the cost was around $70 for both front bearings and the grease seals, and since I was

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Swapping 1st Generation Isuzu Trooper Auto Locking Hubs for WARN Manual Hubs

I upgraded to manual locking hubs after wanting to do it for several years.  Now, “upgrading” to something that makes you get out of your car to use 4 wheel drive seems a little crazy to most people, but I

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Replacing 1991 Isuzu Trooper Shocks Without Removing the Tires

I have needed to replace my shocks on my 1991 Isuzu Trooper for several weeks now and didn’t get around to it.  They have been making a hissing sound when I go over bumps and the ride has gotten noticeably

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Adding a Tachometer to a non-LS P’up

My truck didn’t come with a tachometer and LS tachs are hard to come by.  I used this poster’s suggestion on and purchased a Hall Effect aftermarket tach from Amazon for $18.99. When it came, I wasn’t sure if the magnet

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1st Gen Trooper Brake Job

  Cost The total cost of fairly high-quality parts for the front and rear brakes was around $150. 2 x BENDIX 141416 Rotor $24.46 2 x BECK/ARNLEY 832262 Rotor $24.46 1 x BECK/ARNLEY 890013 Brake Pad $11.99 1 x BECK/ARNLEY

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