About Me


Ever since I was a small kid, I always enjoyed doing random projects.  The first non-LEGO project that my parents have told me about were “Zorro” masks that quickly escalated into a fort on the side yard.  Fast forward to now and I spend my free time working on my Isuzus, woodworking, projects around the house, and anything to do with computers.  The interesting part is that I get very interested in a certain project or field, spend large amounts of time researching and working on it, and then my interest switches to something else.  The part that I have come to appreciate is that most of my interests tend to be related and I usually come back to an old interest later on.

This website is my way of keeping track of what I’ve worked on as well as share hopefully practical tips for people who get interested in doing things on their own.  If you would like to know more about me, try reading this.download_20151223_152319