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Making a Rolling Bench with Soft Closing Drawers

A coworker works with students from a variety of classrooms in small groups.  Sometimes it is more convenient for her to just sit on the ground with the students in the hall and I suggested that maybe a rolling bench

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Reupholstering Jeep Cherokee XJ Sun Visors

My wife and I bought a 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ mostly for camping and road trips.  It was only $3,100 and is an automatic so she can drive it (for some reason, she doesn’t want to learn to drive a

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2007-2012 Honda Accord Brake Job

Cost of a front and rear brake job at the dealership: $550 Cost of the same job done at home: $200 (And it doesn’t take $350 in tools either!)

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Upgrading ASUS K52F to SSD

I’ve had this old (in computer terms) ASUS K52F laptop since 2009 and although it came with Windows 7 originally, I’ve mostly been dual-booting Ubuntu for the last several years.  Windows would typically take 5-10 minutes to boot and then log in

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