HAProxy in pfSense as a Reverse Proxy

I run a virtualized Nextcloud server on my home server and it has its own domain that is forwarded to my home IP.  While playing with Nextcloud, I ran across OnlyOffice and setup another virtual server running the OnlyOffice Document Server.  The problem that I ran into is that pfSense redirected incoming traffic to my home IP only to the Nextcloud server and I didn’t have a method for forwarding traffic to the OnlyOffice server on its own subdomain.  Basically I wanted:

myserver.com -> Nextcloud

onlyoffice.myserver.com -> OnlyOffice

haproxy_pfsense (1).png

Since I’m not really an expert on this, I didn’t know that a reverse proxy is what I needed to make this happen.  After digging a little I found that pfSense has HAProxy and that can take the incoming traffic to the home IP and analyze if it was intended for myserver.com or onlyoffice.myserver.com and forward it to the correct server on my network.

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AC-225 Welder Amperage Control with SCRs

In an attempt to make my AC-225 decent at TIG welding, I added an amperage control circuit.  This allows me to plug in my homemade foot pedal and fine tune the arc as I’m welding.  Like most of my AC-225 modifications, most of the credit goes to Gregory Hildstrom for all the work he put into making this circuit and the other modifications he wrote about.  The other person who deserves much credit is Mike W who posted the original diagram.

AC-225 now with foot control!

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Quick and Easy DIY AR-15 Upper Receiver Vise Block

I needed to install an AR-15 barrel on a new upper and didn’t want to pay $25 for a vise block.  Instead I used some scrap 2x4s and a few screws to make my own.

In the vise and ready to go

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Replacing 1st Generation Trooper Front Wheel Bearings and Grease Seals

Now to be honest, I don’t think I needed to replace my wheel bearings.  They could probably have just been cleaned and regreased, but the cost was around $70 for both front bearings and the grease seals, and since I was already doing a brake job and replacing the auto locking hubs, it wasn’t much more work.  Also, my Trooper is from 1991 and I think the bearings were never repacked since the factory.  The service manual says they need it every 30,000 miles, and I was about 180,000 miles overdue!

It’s always important to be comfortable when working on your car!

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Swapping 1st Generation Isuzu Trooper Auto Locking Hubs for WARN Manual Hubs

I upgraded to manual locking hubs after wanting to do it for several years.  Now, “upgrading” to something that makes you get out of your car to use 4 wheel drive seems a little crazy to most people, but I see it as an upgrade since they are considered stronger than the stock automatic hubs and there is no question if they fully engaged or if something is wrong.  Listening for the “click” and not being sure you heard it is a little unnerving.  Also, I am only engaging 4-high and 4-low when I am going somewhere off road, so getting out and turning the hubs isn’t that big of a deal.

Stock photo of the new hubs

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18 Quart Tub Garage Storage Rack

As a part of my ongoing quest to organize the garage, I built a storage rack/cabinet that holds 10 18-quart Sterilite tubs.  They are just the right size to hold one type of material: small electronics, sandpaper, home wiring, etc.  Since I tend to do a variety of jobs, this will help me keep each project type better separated.

As floor space is at a premium, I wanted to mount it high on the wall to keep it out of the way.  If this isn’t an issue for you, it could easily be mounted on castors and used as a cart.

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2007-2012 Honda Accord Brake Job

Cost of a front and rear brake job at the dealership: $550

Cost of the same job done at home: $200

(And it doesn’t take $350 in tools either!)

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Rustic Dining Room Table, Version 2

When my wife and I moved into our new house, there was a spot that was perfect for a large dining room table.  I assured my wife that I could make it “really quickly” and for cheap.  10 months later, I was able to keep one of those promises!

It is as heavy and imposing as it looks

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